DIVÉI PRIME is a unique tokenization platform, set up by a team of experts and directed by a former bank executive, uniting the best of two worlds.

DIVÉI PRIME mission is to offer full support to both project sponsors (publishers) and investors (token holders) by being the impartial facilitator of Benefit Token finance transactions, so called tokenisation processes.

DIVÉI PRIME advises publishers on structuring transactions, establishing legal documentation, on designing & publishing tokens on the blockchain and operating sales platforms including KYC/AML and GDPR.

DIVÉI PRIME is the closing agent for the publisher and collects the purchase price to then distribute the tokens to investors.

DIVÉI PRIME acts as caretaker, for instance distributing benefits and managing collateral.

DIVÉI PRIME services and undertakings, under impartial handling, are designed to give good comfort to token holders and support the investment quality.

More to come soon DiscoverDIVÉI PRIMEproof of concept