Lilia B. is a typical traditional bank user who trusted DIVEI PRIME and has invested in DynAgro Benefit Toke

Lilia B.

Investor in DynAgro Benefit Token


A new type of token on the blockchain market – the Benefit Token. This uniquely designed token shares profits and pre-defined benefits with investors. The Benefit Token derives its value from being tied to a cash flow of a given revenue model. It is collateralized by real-world assets while enjoying the freedom of blockchain technology – a major advantage to almost all existing tokens on the modern market.

Traditional investment Cryptocurrencies THE BENEFIT TOKEN
Investment type Store of value Speculation Store of value
Direct access to cash flow & assets Yes No Yes
Return type Linked to nature of certificate Flexible mostly utility type Flexible combination of return types
Tradeability Within the system Freely peer-to-peer, wallet to wallet Freely peer-to-peer, wallet to wallet
Collateral Yes No Yes

Enjoy unrestricted ownership of the tokens beyond traditional investment systems once they are on your digital wallet. Thanks to blockchain technology, these tokens are traded in full transparency while eliminating any risk of manipulation or fraud.

a digital token

Digital token reflects the value of a project on the blockchain. Just like a physical token can replace the monetary value of a product in the established world, a digital token can grant you access to monetary benefits.

DIVÉI PRIME proposes a selection of carefully chosen projects in cooperation with KPMG and all displaying the Benefit Token advantages

Invest with DIVÉI PRIME Choose from a selection of trusted projects

Before being proposed, DIVÉI PRIME Benefit Token investments are well chosen. They are all coming from tokenized projects that

  • Are carefully selected and their economic viability is verified by DIVÉI PRIME
  • Take advantage of the Benefit Token design
  • Represent real world cash flows and assets, and are collateralized
  • Invite you to enjoy the blockchain experience as a member of the DIVÉI PRIME ecosystem by acquiring your first Benefit Tokens, i.e.:
  • with rewards distributed in fiat money or digital tokens
  • with guaranteed return & a share in the project’s success
  • freely tradable, peer-to-peer, from wallet to wallet

The Benefit Token

Is uniquely designed and solely offered by DIVÉI PRIME. Gives you a variety of annual rewards which result from the project’s revenue (profit sharing, special premium, fixed interest, etc.). Benefit tokens are backed by tangible or intangible collateral. The more tokens you own, the higher your rewards.

advised by one of the Big Four DIVÉI PRIME tokenization process is built in cooperation with KPMG and is KPMG Token trusted process

Advisory services to invest in benefit tokens


Verification of economic viability
of tokenized projects

Easy and secure

User-friendly token sales platform accessible after duly performed KYC to enjoy direct investment


Support on blockchain-related tools to help you with easy and seamless investing


Reliable returns, comprehensive risk/reward ratio


Free tradability and secondary market support on Prime Marketplace (P2P exchange) ensuring token liquidity


Impartial caretaking
and collateral management by DIVÉI PRIME to give additional comfort

Become a Benefit Token Investor How It Works

Access the full overview of all tokenized projects and their benefits.

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Discover projects from a wide range of industries (sustainable agriculture, real estate, international events, …).

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Create an account on the PRIME platform to get a complete overview of projects.
Accessing sensitive project data and buying tokens in a transparent and safe environment requires you to share your ID details (Know Your Customer / Anti Money Laundering).

step 3

Acquire your Benefit tokens

Invest in tokens and receive them on your personal digital wallet.


The tokens belong to you!
Access your personal dashboard on the PRIME platform, receive annual benefits, and take advantage of the peer-to-peer marketplace. New Benefit Tokens at amazing prices and more to come.

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Prime projects Your prime selection of tokenized projects

DAQ is the DynAgro token blockchain investment in a company deeply rooted in agriculture and supported by DIVÉI PRIME and KPMG tokenization process

DAQ Benefit Token

Sustainable farming & more

Token sale almost completed

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