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Heinrich and Daniel Sittler representing FIAT and blockchain expertise that is at the core of the advisory services proposed by DIVÉI PRIME

Heinrich and Daniel Sittler

FIAT banking meets blockchain

An Innovative and Unique Option… Advised by one of the Big Four Big Four

We know how to use the advantages of blockchain technology on top of traditional banking structures to finance solid projects and leverage revenues sustainably.

Our tokenization process, as well as our involvement as closing agent and caretaker, have been advised by one of the Big Four.

Therefore, DIVÉI PRIME’s services and undertakings are designed to support the quality of investments within a flexible and novel concept for raising capital.

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DIVÉI PRIME Benefit Token is a uniquely designed token dedicated to tokenizing promising revenue models acting thus as a Store of Value

…Based on an Investment Tool Branded on Blockchain The Benefit token

DIVÉI PRIME has introduced a new type of token to the blockchain market – the Benefit Token. This uniquely designed token is dedicated to tokenizing promising revenue models.

In short, the Benefit Token derives its value from being tied to a cash flow of a given revenue model. A Benefit Token can, for example, be backed by cash flows that derive from the usability as well as the appreciation of real estate, which at the same time, serves as collateral. This means that a Benefit Token is tied to a real-world asset while enjoying the freedom of blockchain technology – a major advantage to almost all existing tokens on the modern market.

The benefit token other investment options

Traditional investment Cryptocurrencies THE BENEFIT TOKEN
Proximity between project & investor Weak Strong Strong
Sharing of profits Yes No Yes
Return type Linked to nature of certificate Flexible mostly utility type Flexible combination of return types
Tradeability Within the system Freely peer to peer, wallet to wallet Freely peer to peer, wallet to wallet
Collateral Yes No Yes
DIVÉI PRIME short logo representing the combination of the best of two worlds for the benefit of project owners and investors

A Combination of the Best of Two Worlds For the Benefit of Project Owners and Investors

DIVÉI PRIME’s services consist in supporting the tokenization of projects with Benefit Tokens and in proposing them to investors.

Project Owners are provided with a complete service from the project’s assessment, the designing and marketing of the Benefit Tokens, to their tradability on the secondary market. To give additional comfort, DIVÉI PRIME verifies credentials and does the KYC (Know Your Customer rule) of investors before any ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or distribution of annual benefits.

Investors enjoy the safety of their investments with DIVÉI PRIME acting as a safeguard for both their annual benefit distributions and collateral management.

To enliven the secondary market, and support token liquidity, DIVÉI PRIME operates a peer-to-peer information exchange (P2P exchange), registers published bids and offers, and connects members on a safe basis.

DIVÉI PRIME Advisory Services

DIVÉI PRIME advisory services around the benefit token tokenization process for project owners and benefit token investment for investors

Services for Project owners


Overall sustainability, feasibility, and viability analysis


Transaction structures, accounting parameters, and blockchain implementation


Design of the Token Sales page & offering of the token (ICO) via a state of the art and secure platform

Services for investors


  • Sustainable projects economic viability verified DIVÉI PRIME.
  • Easy access to direct investment (after duly performed KYC) via a user-friendly token sales platform.
  • Support on blockchain-related tools
  • Respecting blockchain principles through code of good conduct rules
  • Quick return on collateral coverage ratio P2P

DIVÉI PRIME Advisory roles & benefits

DIVÉI PRIME role and benefits to all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem from project owners to investors via the market maker