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Ing. Benjamin Sittler

Blockchain-powered farming

Why Tokenize My Project Enjoy direct, safe, and transparent fundraising

  • Access fresh capital – Through a new wave of investors interested in blockchain solutions
  • Benefit from reliability, safety, and transparency – Thanks to the blockchain technology
  • Improve asset liquidity for your investors – Due to the divisibility of the token
  • Reduce the risk of data breaching – Because tokenized businesses do not keep sensitive data

What Is Tokenization

Financing through digitized investment certificates published as digital tokens on the blockchain. In this way, your project asset’s economic value is conferred to the token.

DIVÉI PRIME tokenization process is built in cooperation with KPMG and is KPMG Token trusted process

Tokenize with DIVÉI PRIME Power your project and raise capital through a process
advised by one of the Big Four

Your advantages

  • Benefit Token design; tailor-made and highly flexible
  • Economic viability of the project verified by DIVÉI PRIME
  • Tokenization process advised by one of the Big Four, compliant with applicable law and respecting the spirit of investment banking rules
  • Complete advisory services including marketing and sales support, administrative assistance, and secondary market liquidity through a peer-to-peer marketplace
  • Low Fixed Interest expense (lower than usual rates for long-term finance)
  • Profit (after tax) shared based upon pre-defined benefit schemes
  • Premiums paid out in FIAT currency or in Tokens

The Benefit Token

Is uniquely designed and solely offered by DIVÉI PRIME. Smartly leverages funds through blockchain technology. Offers pre-defined benefits to your investors. Increases your projects' attractivity and boosts fundraising.

advised by one of the Big Four DIVÉI PRIME tokenization process is built in cooperation with KPMG and is KPMG Token trusted process

Advisory Services To tokenize projects

As a Project Owner, you will receive advice and full guidance on tokenization and all other aspects related to the successful launch of your project.
We will support the shaping of your tokenized project to attract desired investors.


Overall sustainability, feasibility,
and viability of your project


Transaction structures,
accounting parameters,
and blockchain implementation


Defining of structures
and drafting of legal documentation


Marketing strategy,
communication & cross-promotion


State-of-the-art and secure technology, support on graphic design


Proper handling of KYC/AML,
caretaking of benefit distribution

Become a PRIME Project Owner How It Works

step 1


Develop your plan and get first advice to create a tokenized project powered by DIVÉI PRIME.

step 2


Explore countless possibilities to tailor your own Benefit Token while enjoying professional advice by DIVÉI PRIME through a process advised by one of the Big Four.

step 3


Once finalized, your Benefit Token is ready to be implemented on the blockchain and distributed through a sales platform.

step 4


Give investors the possibility to buy your tokens through a token sale, closely assisted by DIVÉI PRIME.


After your investment target was successfully reached, you can move forward and materialize your project's development goals while your tokens are freely traded on the DIVÉI PRIME Marketplace.

Let's tokenize my project

Prime projects Examples of tokenized projects

DAQ is the DynAgro token blockchain investment in a company deeply rooted in agriculture and supported by DIVÉI PRIME and KPMG tokenization process

DAQ Benefit Token

Sustainable farming & more

Token sale almost completed

TIXX is the Grimaux token blockchain investment in next generation events and supported by DIVÉI PRIME and KPMG tokenization process

TIXX Benefit Token

Events of the future

Postponed until further notice

Let's tokenize my project

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