About us

DIVÉI PRIME core team composed by multicultural experts in the name of Heinrich Daniel Benjamin SITTLER including Jemylia RAIMBAULT and Jon LAERA


A group of specialists established DIVÉI PRIME as an answer to a fast-moving environment and the foreseen changes in today's economy.

It all began when two generations of experts, one from the established world and the other from the blockchain world, came together to explore and implement blockchain technology-related opportunities into traditional investment banking.

This is how, by mid-2020, two generations of experts had united their strengths in finance, digitalization, advisory, legal, accounting, tax management, and marketing.

DIVÉI PRIME was born! A company designed to facilitate a new way of financing projects and companies while also giving room to more conservative investors, allowing them to get comfortable with respect to the investment in tokens through a new FinTech solution.

By uniting the best of two worlds, DIVÉI PRIME has shaped its unique services.

IN ingenuity genuity
independence dependence
integrity tegrity

Our Values

Having two generations of experts within DIVEI PRIME motivates natural debates, always conducted in harmony with our values


Where Creativity encounters Experience, innovative solutions materialize


Where Mutual Respect grants Freedom of Choice, investment becomes fully flexible


Where Ethical Behavior gives Solid Ground to trust, investing can be done confidently

Divei Prime team


Empowering global diversity, fostering equality, and integrating multicultural perspectives is at the core of our multinational team of experts led by experienced central and commercial bankers.
We have thus all expertise to support you to raise capital through safe investment options.

Heinrich Sittler is a bank experienced chairman leading DIVÉI PRIME to anchor the <advantages of the FIAT world into the benefit tokens

Heinrich Sittler,


Pavel  ŠTĚPÁNEK is a DIVÉI PRIME board member and former member of the Board of the Czech National Bank and EBRD

Ing. Pavel Štěpánek,

Board Member

Daniel SITTLER is a DIVÉI PRIME board member defining the company's blockchain strategy and former advisor of cryptocurrencies platforms

Daniel Sittler,

Board Member

Jon Laera is a DIVÉI PRIME core team member defining the business communication translating the technical into the understandable

Jonathan Laera

Business Communication

Benjamin SITTLER is a DIVÉI PRIME core member defining the Information Technology while being DynAgro Benefit Token project’s Managing Director

Benjamin Sittler,

Information Technology

And with the strong support of

Jemylia Raimbault, MBA

Marketing Strategy

Pavel Randl, JUDr.


Pavel Šrámek, Ing.


Pavel Zmeškal, Ing.

Tax & Accounting

Jan Soukup, Mgr

Public Relations

Veronika Burianová


Galin Kostov

Blockchain Technologies